Dear Ella,

I just want to THANK YOU so much for these coaching sessions. Your sessions brought up answers to issues I was not even remotely aware of in regards to the conflicts within my relationships. I see the patterns and unconscious behaviors I exhibited and am now able to work on changing them for healthier interactions and relationships. I also feel I can now take responsibility for these conflicts within my relationships.

I experienced a revelation when I surprisingly discovered some self-sabotaging behaviors and limited belief systems from answering the questionnaire, and later discussing my experiences with you. I have been in therapy for several years now and have become aware of unconscious issues that I had not been able to pin point with my therapist. It’s possible she may have been addressing these issues without my ability to consciously grasp and understand them. Based on your coaching work with me, I am convinced that your methods of coaching will have significant and positive learning experiences for your clients.

Again, thank you.
City of Orange, O.C. California

My first session with Ella helped me take a look at different possibilities in regards to a career change. She helped me see my true potential and vision, along with what was in the way of my prosperity. I felt empowered and inspired with a fresh new outlook.

During my follow-up session, I could clearly see my new values and a change in lifestyle. Early during the week, an emotional issue was triggered, which we were able to work through and resolve. I felt strong and supported, with a plan of action. Ella has this tremendous healing energy, which is so uplifting.

Tustin, California


Hi and thanks again for the coaching session last week, Ella. It helped trigger some positive changes at work, including my relationship with my boss.
M.G. , U.C.L.A
One week after Ella did her magical Feng Shui in my office, I got an offer to sell my building. I sold it and am now in the process of moving to another country and retiring 15 years earlier than planned to start a new life.
Thanks Ella
Dr. Tom , Mission Viejo, CA