Fengshui, free flowing wind and water. A simple way to upgrade your environment, reduce stress, and increase happiness.

Dr. Croney combines Fengshui with visualization to achieve amazing results for her clients, that reside in Orange County,  Seattle, Anchorage, Lexington Ky, V.C.British Colombia, Kenya and Los Angeles.

It begins with a map of your home or office and the use of a Ba-qua.

The Ba-qua is a Feng Shui Octagon, it is a powerful system to invite in all the elements of nature, which enhances your life by bringing it into harmony and balance with its surroundings.  Call now for a free 15-minute phone consultation. Many more references available upon request.

Contact: [email protected] , Contact 714-349-3206
Service Fee: $150.00 per hour


Ella came to my mother-in-laws house where my wife and I were staying temporarily and worked a miracle. The house was a disaster and there was little we could do about it as it wasn’t our house to change. Ella found ways to bring the house into balance and we sure got results fast. The very next day, an unexpected royalty check for $10,000 showed up and things just kept getting better from there.
Thanks Ella!
Rich and Cyndi West

For those individuals whom are skeptic in regard to Feng Shui. I say, “You have to try it”. Ella came to my home and immediately took note of every aspect of balance, but noticed the more non-balanced areas: primarily the Relationship corner. She worked her magic and three weeks later on a flight from Prague I met a wonderful man who I am still enjoying life with.
F.C. Hodges

My carpet was changed and immediately I felt the energy in my apartment change in a negative way.  Lucky for me I had already organized for Ella to come and Feng Shui my apartment.  She came on time, was professional.  She was very knowledgeable, intuitive and present.  A few minutes after she started the energy changed significantly in a positive way.  She understood the areas I wanted to work on and she gave me homework to go over.  We moved and shifted some items in my apartment and again the energy shifted significantly in positive way.  I also threw away some items that no longer served their purpose.  By the time our session was done, I felt like I was in a new apartment.  The best part is after she left an old friend contacted me offering me new work for my business, isn’t that amazing! my friend had emailed me while we were still in session.  The areas I needed to work on were; to grow my business and to attract my soul mate!  I week update, the former boyfriend who said he needed space called out of the blue, one week later and we spent a lovely day shopping together. I’m very excited to see how all this manifest….I highly recommend her services and would work with her on future projects.
Pamela Riungu -www.pgrmarketingconsultant.com