As a Reiki Master/Teacher I connect with God-consciousness to guide the flow of life force energy, to help bring balance and clear blockages that may be causing emotional stress or body concerns. WHO CAN USE REIKI? People that are looking to reduce stress or anxiety. People dealing with health issues can use Reiki as a natural, complimentary healing method.

My Reiki courses include: In-person instruction/Professionally prepared manual/A Reiki attunement/Practicing your new skills in a classroom setting/Reiki 1 and 2-Practitioner Certificate.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a universal guided life force energy, better known as chi. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful ancient healing method.

WHY use REIKI? Reiki is a tool, we can utilize whenever we become scattered and unfocused and want a natural, safe way to re-balance our lives.

Class list below.

Reiki 1– $150.00

Here you will learn how Reiki works. You’ll learn the first Power symbol, how to intuit energy, and use the Power symbol for self-healing and healing others. However this First Reiki Power symbol is not normally taught in Reiki 1.

As an addition we will be working with the seven chakras in this class.

Reiki 2– $250.00

Here you will learn two additional Reiki symbols the Emotional and Distance healing symbols along with the use of crystals.

Reiki 3– $570.00

Here you will learn the Master symbols and how to utilize them when giving attunements.

You will also learn how to teach Reiki to others and earn the designation of Reiki Master/Teacher.